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The spectrum of activities and training within the Peters Group of Companies is as diverse as our subsidiaries. Firstly, in our company you will find the typical professional fields of the organisational and administrative sector, such as activities for office administrators and industrial managers. Secondly, interesting and challenging tasks in corrugated cardboard production, packaging design or in the field of disposal and recycling are waiting for your at our subsidiaries. Packing engineers, mechatronics engineers and machine operators, but also specialists  for recycling and waste management are needed.

Work in our company as well as in our subsidiaries is characterised by team spirit, continuity, trust, honesty and mutual respect. The result is long-standing employment relationships, in which the staff members can identify with their activities.

The subsidiaries of the Peters Group of Companies are located mainly in the German Rhein-Ruhr metropolitan area, such as in the attractive centre at Kamp-Lintfort, Moers, Remscheid or Bergisch Gladbach. Here the advantages of urban surroundings are combined with residential amenities and nearby recreation areas. The excellent infrastructure contributes also to the fact that our companies are considered popular employers and providers of training places. Consequently it is hardly surprising that most of our apprentices are pleased to stay with us.

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